LV Facelift Vancouver

As our faces and necks age, it is more than just skin that sags. The LV Facelift is a compilation of cutting-edge surgical techniques that address the aging changes that occur deep to the skin. This advanced technique involves rejuvenation of five different layers in the aging neck to give a more youthful contour without having an “operated” look. Safety and a natural look are paramount.

This lovely woman in her 50’s was concerned about her jowls and “floppy neck.” The LV technique created a more youthful jawline and helped the neck flaccidity.

This woman in her late 40’s complained of the “family neck,” a condition which we have noticed in some of our facelift patients. The rejuvenation was largely aided by thorough revision of the neck muscles.

This pleasant lady in her 70’s was concerned about her large jowls as well as the loose neck skin. The LV technique allow the tissues forming the jowl to be repositioned to the location it had been several decades before.

This very nice woman in her 50’s had concerns about a lack of jawline and sloping neck. The LV technique adjusted 2 levels of fat and 2 layers of muscles. She is the same weight after surgery, but colleagues thought she had had a very successful diet.

This women in her 40’s objected to the heaviness in her lower face. The LV facelift allowed for thorough repositioning of the various layers of the neck. This was aided by insertion of a small chin implant at the same time.

This pleasant women in her 60’s complained of looseness in both the cheeks and neck. Frequently, the LV lift benefits from structural fat grafting, which helped smooth out the contours of the face.