Neck Lifts (Cervicoplasty)

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Neck lifts work best for younger patients, although occasionally older patients benefit from the procedure if they have excellent skin tone.

The procedure is carried out with either intravenous sedation or a light general anaesthetic. Although occasional patients only require liposuction, in most cases refinement of the deeper tissues is indicated to get the optimal improvement.

Slits are made beneath the chin and behind each ear. If subcutaneous fat (the fat between the skin and muscle) is excessive then this can be modified. The majority of patients benefit from removal of fat beneath the muscle, as well as tightening of the muscle. Interlocking suspension sutures running from behind the ear to the midline help delineate the jawline. Most patients can resume work in 8-10 days. Return to rigorous physical activity should be avoided for 2-3 weeks.