Asian Blepharoplasty Vancouver

Asian blepharoplasty is one of the most common operations performed today. With Richmond’s dynamic Asian population, Dr. Brown has over 40 years experience in performing these operations. In addition to the normal training in cosmetic surgery, he has spent several months in Tokyo and later Korea, refining cutting edge techniques.

Patients vary in their sense of aesthetics especially with lid fold height, as well as possible revision of the epicanthic folds. The selection of techniques also vary depending on the sex of the patient, as it is imperative that men do not had a feminized appearance. The techniques employ a lower, flatter fold for men, a natural gently curved fold for women, or a rainbow technique for a more striking appearance.

Upper lid surgery is performed at our office with an option of a little oral sedation. Lower lid surgery is performed at Cambie Surgery clinic either with intravenous sedation or a light general anesthetic if the patient wishes.

The first consultation will take about an hour, and it is necessary to have an English speaking guest if the patient does not speak English.


This pleasant young woman requested a double eyelid. An anchor blepharoplasty created a nice double fold.


This young woman has a natural fold about 5mm above the lid margin. The newly created fold blends into her epicanthic fold.


This pleasant patient had a previous blepharoplasty performed in Korea. Unfortunately redundant muscle and skin were unattended and therefore a second blepharoplasty was performed.


This older gentleman complained about his lower eye bags. A lower lid operation was performed with sculpting of the fat and skin tightening.


This attractive middle aged woman has had a modified rainbow technique. The fold starts above the epicanthic fold.


This older patient complained of looking tired. She was not bothered by her upper lids, so a lower blepharoplasty alone was performed.


This gentleman was tired of taping his eyes. Note that his fold is lower and flatter in order to look masculine.


This attractive woman had trouble applying eye shadow. After discussion about lid fold height, surgery was carried out under local anaesthesia.


This elderly woman has had an upper and lower blepharoplasty. Extra skin has been left on the upper lid otherwise she would not be able to close her eye properly.


This middle aged woman had an upper blepharoplasty with fat sculpting. The scar is shown without makeup at 3 weeks.


This young man requested a more distinct fold. The low flat technique was used to create a natural looking fold.


This elegant middle aged lady had a slightly higher fold using a modified rainbow technique.


A rainbow technique was used to provide this attractive woman with an elegant upper lid.


This gentleman had rejuvenation of his lower lid. The post op photo was taken 6 days after surgery so the dissolving stitches are still visible.


This Tokyo model requested an anime look. After several consultations a super rainbow technique was used.


This delightful elderly woman requested rejuvenation with a high upper fold. Fat sculpting was carried out in both the upper and lower lids.


This woman requested a European appearance and after several consultations a super rainbow technique was used.


This middle aged gentleman requested a double eyelid. A low flat technique was employed.


A rainbow technique was utilised to create a relatively higher fold. Skin, muscle and fat were removed.


This post op photo was taken 7 days post op when the stitches were removed. Covering makeup can be used the day after.


An epicanthoplasty has helped elongate the width of the eye in addition to the blepharoplasty.


A subtle fold has been created 5-6mm from the lid margin.


A rainbow blepharoplasty was used on the upper lid. A transconjunctival technique with the incision inside the lower lid was used on the lower lid.


This aging gentleman requested improvement to his lower lid. Fat sculpting and skin tightening were performed.


This patient had extra folds on her lower lids because of extra muscle, and so a lower blepharoplasty was used to smooth the area out.