Asian Blepharosplasty Vancouver

During his post graduate training Dr. Brown had the opportunity of working with Tokyo’s top plastic surgeons to understand the nuances of Asian aesthetics. Most Asian patients don’t want a Caucasian “round eye” but rather seek a more elegant eyelid consistent with their ethnicity. The position of the eyelid fold largely depends on what part of Asia they are from, and this is thoroughly discussed before the procedure. With an office in Richmond, with its ever increasing Asian population, Dr. Brown has had extensive experience over the last 30 years of creating more refined Asian eyelids.

This Tokyo model wished to have an “anime” appearance with a rounded western configuration. After several consultations, it was decided to place the fold about 12 mm from the lid margin creating a very striking appearance which delighted the patient. This is an unusually high placement of the fold.

This 40 yr. old patient wanted to enhance her upper eyelid crease. She came to see Dr. Brown for upper lid blepharoplasty. Her new eyelid crease was placed slightly higher than her natural crease creating an oval shaped eye while preserving her Asian ethnicity. She was very happy with the natural results.

This 38 yr. old patient was frustrated with his puffy lower eyelids. He had stated that both his mother and sister had similar problems. Lower lid blepharoplasty was performed. Some bruising and swelling can be expected after surgery for several days. He was able to return to work in 10 days.

This 28 yr. old patient wanted to have the appearance of a more open oval eye. Upper lid blepharoplasty surgery helped the patient achieve this look without losing her ethnicity. Bruising and swelling often will last for several days. Make up can be applied over the incisions at 10 days.

This 24 yr. old man was interested in having “double eyelid” surgery. He had always felt his eyelids looked heavy and wanted to create an upper eyelid crease. Dr. Brown performed bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty creating a fold 4-5 mm above the lid margins to maintain a natural Asian elegance.

This 22 yr. old patient requested a more elegant upper lid. This was accomplished by extending her natural epicanthic fold into a more graceful arc. This allows better application of makeup such as eyeliner and eye shadow.

This 33 yr. old patient wanted to have “double eyelid” surgery to create an oval shaped eye. Upper lid blepharoplasty was performed under intravenous sedation. Sutures are removed at 5 days and makeup can be applied in 10 days. Bruising and swelling is often minimal but depends on the patient’s medical history.

This 59 yr. old patient did not like the look of her lower lids. She thought her puffy lower lids made her look older than she felt. Bilateral lower lid blepharoplasty was performed to give her a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. Bruising and swelling was minimal and discomfort can be well managed with ice and analgesics.

This older gentleman experienced heaviness and some decreased vision. An upper lid blepharoplasty was performed and the fold created at the height the patient requested. In older patients there often is a little extra skin left behind on the inner area as removal of all the skin can create a visible surgical look.

This 45 yr. old gentleman was bothered by the puffiness of his lower lids. He had the extra fat transferred to the hollow areas beneath the bags resulting in a flatter more rejuvenated look.