Chin Implants

Chin implants are made of natural soft pliable material and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In determining the selection of this implant, it is important to have a holistic approach to the entire face.

The surgery can be carried out with either a local anesthetic, intravenous sedation, or a light general anesthetic. The approach can be either intraoral (inside the mouth) or with a subtle incision in the natural crease just beneath the chin.

Right after surgery, tape is applied to stabilise the implant, and this is removed in 1 week. There are dietary restrictions for the first week, and most patients need to modify their physical activities at the gym for the first two weeks.


This attractive young woman had a wide angle geniomandibular implant inserted by an incision inside the mouth.


This middle aged gentleman had rejuvenation of the neck with insertion of a larger projecting implant.


This young woman has had both a rhinoplasty as well as augmentation of the lower half of the chin.


This young woman attained better facial balance with this implant inserted through an incision hidden in the skin crease beneath the chin.


This attractive young woman had a combination of rhinoplasty as well as a subtle chin implant. Female profiles are understandably different from males, who tend to require larger implants.


This mature gentleman had rejuvenative surgery with concomitant chin augmentation.


This young man had a large geniomanibular implant which helped tighten up his entire neck. Like a tent pole, the augmentation helps create a longer neck line.


This attractive young woman had a balancing chin augmentation as well as a reduction rhinoplasty.


This middle-aged woman has had an LV facelift with chin augmentation carried out with a wide angle geniomandibular implant.


This young woman has had a rhinoplasty with a balancing chin augmentation. Even if she did not have a rhinoplasty, the chin augmentation creates the illusion of a smaller nose.


This combination surgery (nose and chin) has been performed using a minimally projecting chin implant.


This patient had a reduction rhinoplasty as well as a medium projecting chin implant. The implant also creates a subtle tightening of the neck.


This young woman wanted a strong side profile. This was created using a silicone projecting implant. She also had implant rhinoplasty with tip grafting. Her results are very natural.