Fat Grafting

With technical improvements over the last 10 years, the quality and longevity of fat has made it the filler of choice for many patients. Whereas Restylane may last 3-6 months and Juvederm 6-8 months, the patient’s own fat has much greater durability.
Although some of the fat will remain as a permanent result, the average length of time between injections is 3-5 years. The fat is harvested, usually from the abdomen, sometimes from the flank or thigh, and then put in a sterile centrifuge to
concentrate the fat cells. It is then placed with a series of passes in to the target areas, typically the nasolabial folds, lips, and prejowl area. As there is a little swelling and bruising, it is advisable for the patient to take a week off work.

This 48 yr. old woman came to see Dr. Brown with respect to having facial rejuvenation.Structural fat grafting was recommended to various areas of her face.Although there is some resorption of the fat, there are also permanent improvements.The average length of time between injections is 3-5 yrs.

This 55 yr. old woman was interested in increasing the volume to her nasolabial folds.After discussing the various options, the patient elected to have structural fat grafting to fill in some of the facial crevices.

This 32 yr. old patient had fat injected into her nasolabial folds.The surgery took about an hour and sutures were removed after 3 days.The patient returned to work after one week.

This 70 yr. old female came to see Dr. Brown with respect to facial rejuvenation.The areas of her major concerns were the flaccidity of the cheeks and the hallowing to her nasolabial folds.Structural fat grafting was performed to re-establish more volume to her face.The patient was pleased with the natural appearance to her more refreshed face.

This 62 yr. old woman was concerned about her aging face, especially the aging effects of loss of fat in her face.She had a rhytidectomy along with advanced fat grafting particularly in the hallowing beneath her cheek bones.

This 42 yr. old patient saw Dr. Brown with respect to having further facial procedures.During her consultation, it was noted she would benefit from fat grafting to her nasolabial folds as well as improving the hallowing in the chin area.Botox was also injected into her frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead and crow’s feet around the outer eyes, giving her face a more relaxed and refreshed appearance.

This 40 yr. old woman wanted to add volume to her nasolabial folds.Over the last couple of years, she noticed hallowing to her face.Through structural fat grafting, Dr. Brown was able to increase volume to her nasolabial folds creating a more refreshed appearance.

This 38 yr. old female had structural fat grafting to her nasolabial folds.Bruising and swelling was minimal post surgery and the patient returned to work after one week.The patient is happy with the natural increase in volume to her face.

This 44 yr. old patient saw Dr. Brown regarding facial fat loss.She was particularly concerned about her nasolabial folds and hallowing beneath the corners of her mouth (prejowl area).Dr. Brown injected fat harvested from the patient’s abdomen and grafted the fat into her nasolabial folds as well as her prejowl area.