Breast Augmentation / Mastopexy

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This surgery is carried out under a general anaesthetic. Some women have inadequate breast development, while others may have lost shape and volume after having children. Dr. Brown prefers to use either the inframamary approach or the periareolar approach. Depending on the anatomic condition, the implant may be placed either above or below the muscle. Most times a high profile implant is used as most women want to have better forward projection. Dr. Brown and his staff are sensitive to the patient’s aspirations of size and can help her determine what range of size would be ideal.

If the breasts are too droopy, it may be necessary to perform a mastopexy or breast lift. This can be done with or without an implant, and the nature of the incision depends on the degree of drooping.

Depending on the position of the implant, light exercise such as stairmaster or lifecycle can be resumed after 1 week. Heavy high impact exercise should be delayed for 3 weeks.