Breast Augmentation / Mastopexy

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Breast augmentation is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries, with over 16 million procedures worldwide per year. It is important to have a very thorough discussion, and patients should expect to spend one and a half hours for the primary consultation. Some women have inadequate breast development, while others may have lost shape and volume, often having children, a price they pay for bringing little humans into the world.

The consultation covers obtaining a history, a physical exam, and a discussion about the size, style and positioning of the implant. In addition, a thorough discussion of problems and how they can be prevented and corrected will be had.

The surgery is carried out using a light general anesthetic and is done on a daycare basis.

If the breasts are too droopy, it may be necessary to perform a mastopexy, or breast lift. This can be done with or without an implant, and the pattern of the incisions depends on the degree of drooping.

Recovery depends on the implant positioning as well as the inclusion of a mastopexy. Submuscular positioning of the implant or a concommitent mastopexy means that the recovery will take a little longer. Dr Brown will outline your recovery at the time of the consultation.

The size and shape of the breasts varies depending on the patients’ aspirations as well as her anatomy. During the second consultation the nurse will help the patient try out different sizes in a specific bra. Rather than picking out a specific size, we prefer that the patient picks out a range of sizes she admires. At the time of the operation, Dr Brown will use a sizer to determine which of the patient’s sizes is best. This allows some artistry in the selection.

Most breast augmentations can return to work in 7-10 days, and mastopexies take a little longer. We realize that this is a very sensitive issue, and our staff are excellent in providing support before and after surgery.