This condition in which the male breast is enlarged can be treated by a direct excision through a well camouflaged incision or by a modified liposuction technique through a slit on the side of the chest. With either procedure a feathering technique can be used to get a smooth transition zone around the resection site and thus have a smooth contour. Although a pressure garment is used 3 weeks postoperatively, resumption of physical activities takes 1-2 weeks. Summers are much more pleasant when it is possible to go bare chested once again.

This 25 yr. old male patient came to see Dr. Brown to help with chest contouring.During the consultation it was noted his left breast was slightly larger than the right.Using a liposuction cannula designed to break up the breasts, the problem was corrected.The post-operative photos taken at 2 weeks reveal a still healing incision on the sides of the breasts.

This 18 yr. old male patient has fairly significant projection of his breasts.The post-operative photos taken at 1 week and later after further resolution at 4 months reveal significant skin shrinkage.This was obtained by very wide undermining from the ribcage to the clavicle.

This 30 yr. old male patient has always had a problem with full breasts.Because the breast tissue was very firm it was necessary to directly excise the tissue through a periareolar incision.This can be seen on the side shot around the left areola taken at 4 weeks post operatively.

This 53 yr. old male patient came to see Dr. Brown about gynecomastia surgery.Bilateral liposuction was carried out.The post-operative pictures at 2 weeks reveal a nicer configuration to the breasts.The fresh incision site can be seen on the side.This usually takes several months to fade.

This 18 yr. old male patient had not exposed his chest since puberty.Because the breast tissue was very firm, Dr. Brown elected to resect it directly through a periareolar incision.The chest tissues were than widely elevated to allow the skin to redrape smoothly.

This 37 yr. old male patient has a more significant gynecomastia of the left breast then the right.Surgery was performed by a direct excision through a periareolar incision (which is very difficult to see in the photos) followed by chest wall contouring.

This 27 yr. old male patient saw Dr. Brown with respect to having liposuction to his breasts.Bilateral liposuction was followed by chest wall contouring done through the same small incision off to the side.