Facelifts Vancouver

The facelift procedure varies significantly depending on the patient’s concerns. The modern facelift does not depend on simple skin tightening. Much of the effectiveness is generated by rebalancing deeper supporting structures of the face and neck
to provide a more significant and natural improvement.
If only a modest rejuvenation is sought, then a “mini” or MACS facelift may be helpful.

The more complete facelift is performed hiding the incisions in the hair and natural creases around the ear. The visible stitches are removed in 4 days and the hidden stitches are removed in 7 days. Usually a small incision is tucked beneath the
chin if the neck fat and muscle have to be corrected. Although fat is often removed from the neck, it is very common to have fat (borrowed from the abdomen) grafted to the areas of the face that hollow out with aging.

Other procedures such as Facelifts or forehead lifting can be carried out at the same time. Pain is only modest, although a sense of firmness is noted where significant tightening of the loose neck muscles is carried out. Although some patients
feel comfortable returning to work in 10 days with makeup, others may want to wait 2-3 weeks before returning to their social activities. We suggest a “vacation” where you return looking remarkably refreshed.

The side lighting of the front view of this 62 yr. old patient’s face helps outline the bothersome crevassed look to her lower cheeks.The patient had eyelid surgery performed as well as layered facelift and structural fat grafting.Fat grafting has become a valuable adjunct in facelift procedures as it is natural filler.

This 68 yr. old patient was concerned about the “haggard” appearance of her eyes as well as the deep wrinkles around her mouth and cheeks.As the face ages, it also loses some of its youthful fat, which in this case was restored with fat borrowed from her tummy.The fat is centrifuged and then placed in tiny amounts which gradually build up the fat deficient areas.This was done at the same time as a facelift.

This 50 yr. old patient was bothered by the fine wrinkles of her cheeks, the obliquity of her neck and the descent of her brow which gave her a rather heavy look.In order to reverse these problems she had a facelift, eyelid surgery, as well as a transcoronal forehead lift.This type of forehead lift is located entirely in the hair, and not only elevates the fallen brows, but can be used to modify the forehead frown muscles, which still allows a natural mobility to the forehead.

This 63 yr. old woman was bothered by the aging folds in her cheek and neck, as well as her aging eyes.A surgical plan using a mid SMAS procedure, fat grafting, insertion of a non-projecting geniomandibular implant and revision of the muscle folds in her neck was carried out. It is very common to have other procedures such as forehead or eyelid surgery carried out at the same time as facelift surgery, and this does not prolong the healing time.

This 47 yr. oldpatient wishes to have a freshened appearance to her jawline and eye area.After a thorough discussion of the options with the patient, it was decided to rejuvenate the eye area with a forehead lift alone as well as a facelift to soften the face.Even with short hair, the incisions fairly quickly become very difficult to see.These are hidden in her hair, then run inside the ear, around the earlobe and then behind the ear.There is also a fine incision beneath the chin which is used for neck refinement.

This elegant 54 yr. old wished to have an overall facial rejuvenation.She subsequently had a forehead lift with reduction of the frown muscles, a release of the muscle causing the “crow’s feet”, a facelift with SMAS flaps, as well as upper and lower Facelifts.This has given her a more youthful active appearance in keeping with her lifestyle.The cheek bone area has been built out using her own tissues.

This 62 yr. old patient was concerned about the overall flaccidity to her face, the jowls, and an aging appearance around her eyes.She has had a conservative forehead lift to remove some of the “frownwrinkles” but with very subtle repositioning of the eyebrows.In addition to a facelift, she has had an insertion of a non-projecting chin implant which helps fill in the hollowing just in front of the jowls.

This pleasant 52 yr. old woman was concerned about her heavy appearance around her eyes as well as her neck.She subsequently had a forehead lift, upper and lower Facelifts, removal of fat from her mid cheek from an intraoral incision, insertion of a projecting chin implant, and a 5 layer correction of her heavy neck.Having multiple ancillary procedures at the same time as the facelift does not prolong the healing time.The patient returned to work 3 weeks after surgery, where her coworkers congratulated her on her weight loss, even though her weight was the same.

This very pleased 70 yr. old woman felt disharmony between how she felt inside and how she looked on the outside.After discussing various options, she elected to have a forehead lift, lower lid Facelifts, and facelift (which appear still quite pink at 10 days).A skin care regimen was also recommended to her in order to maintain her more youthful appearance.

This 49 yr. old complained of her puffy upper and lower eyelids.She also wished to have her neck and lower face rejuvenated.She had upper and lower Facelifts performed as well as a multilayer neck lift to redefine her neck angle.Patients report they have a feeling of tightness which gradually resolves over several weeks.As in all facelifts, it is essential to have a natural, unoperated look.

This 64 yr. old patient felt her facial appearance did not reflect the youthful person inside.She felt her hooded eyelids and sagging neck made her appear older.She elected to have a forehead lift, upper and lower Facelifts as well as a facelift in which fat was resculpted and the muscle tightened.The side view shows the incisions, which at the time of suture removal (5 days post op) are still very red.These can be covered with makeup 1 week post op.

The 34 yr. old patient was very bothered by her very deep cheek folds and had several operative procedures to try to correct it.She was very well educated about the problem and had requested a deep plane rhytidectomy which would provide the best and most durable correction.Other options such as fillers would have been of some benefit, but the results and permanence would have not been comparable.She is very pleased with the softer appearance.

This 51 yr. old patient wishes to have a modest rejuvenation to her face as well as her eyes.Incisions were made to follow the natural contours of her face and were well hidden after 10 days.Pain with these procedures is minimal, with many patients requiring only a moderate pain killer for the first few days.The patient is very pleased with her subtle enhancement.

This 55 yr. old gentleman wanted a little tightening of his cheeks and neck.The deep structure of the face has been tightened and some of the jowl fat has been shaved down.In addition, he has had a small chin implant inset.The changes in neck contour are very dependent on the underlying cartilage structure, something which is discussed in detail prior to surgery.

This pleasant 55 yr. old patient was unhappy with her jowls and neck, which she stated had always been rather heavy, even when she was younger and lighter.A facelift procedure which involved not only removing subcutaneous fat but sub muscular fat as well as muscle tightening was performed.The patient was very pleased.

This 55 yr. old woman was concerned about the overall aging of her face, particularly around the neck and forehead.A forehead lift was designed to elevate the inner brow upward and the outer brow upward and backward, thereby softening the eye area. She also had the lower eyelids tightened and a standard facelift procedure.She is very pleased with the naturalness of the results.

This attractive 67 yr. old woman complained of looking tired, especially with her drooping eyelids, and also wanted to have her lower face rejuvenated.Facelifts can be performed many different ways.There are no right ways, just ways that are right for that particular patient.This patient was helped by a deep plane rhytidectomy, which like all modern facelifts, depends on rearranging of the sagging deep structures to rejuvenate the face, rather than simply pulling on skin, which in itself can lead to an artificial or “facelift” look.

This 49 yr. old woman inquired about facial rejuvenation.She was particularly bothered by her neck, stating her mother had a similar problem and she didn’t want to get as bad as her.The patient had a standard facelift and eyelid surgery.Following surgery the patient had typical swelling and bruising which was covered by makeup, allowing her to feel comfortable in public in 10 days, and allowing her to return to work in 2 weeks.

This pleasant 63 yr. old patient had a naturally heavier face.She wished to have this improved as much as possible and also wished to have her baggy eyelids corrected.A standard facelift was performed leading to a moderate improvement.Much of the anticipated results depend on the patient’s own anatomy and therefore results will vary.Dr. Brown will have a thorough discussion about this so that the patient’s expectations are realistic.

This 72 yr. old patient had concerns mostly about her cheek and neck areas, which are aging appropriately for her age.Her upper face looked excellent, but she felt the lower face and neck were “out of synch”. Surgery to subtlety soften the cheeks as well as refine the jawline and neck was carried out.The patient is very pleased that the entire face is in better harmony.

This 58 yr. old gentleman felt his aging face belied an exuberant engaging spirit.The pre-operative photos have been taken in natural light to highlight the contour irregularities.The patient has had upper and lower blepharoplasties with fat transfer as well as a male facelift.There is better definition of the jawline and improvement of the facial lines but only to the point where is remains natural.

This very active 71 yr. old patient complained of the overall sagging of her face as well as the puffiness to her eyes.She maintains a very active healthy lifestyle which includes a good diet, regular exercise and no history of smoking.After a thorough discussion of the options she elected to have a facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasties.The deepened nasolabial or cheek folds have been softened by fat grafting as well.

This 53 yr. old gentleman requested a subtle rejuvenation, fearing that his professional colleges might notice. Upper and lower blepharoplasties were performed as well as some softening of his forehead wrinkles using botox.There has been a modest change in his nasolabial folds, some of which have been only lightly modified as they are a hallmark of the male face.The patient is very pleased with degree of change accomplished.

This 60 yr. old patient was unhappy with the appearance of the lower half of her face and the heaviness she felt to her upper eyelids. During her consultation, it was determined she would benefit from a facelift combined with a forehead lift. The incisions are discreetly placed along the natural lines of the face and hairline. Makeup can be applied over the incisions in 10 days. The results are natural and can last for many years.