Asian Facial Rejuvenation

Just like Asian blepharoplasties and rhinoplasties, rejuvenating techniques are specifically tailored to the anatomy and aesthetics of our Asian patients. Dr Brown spent several months with Tokyo’s top cosmetic surgeons and later travelled to Korea to learn the subtleties of these procedures. The first consultation will last 1-1 1/2 hours.

These operations are performed under either intravenous sedation or a light general anaesthetic. Most patients wait 2-3 weeks before returning to full activities.

If English is a problem, then we request that the patient bring an English speaking guest.


This elegant middle-aged woman had an LV facelift as well as structural fat grafting and chin augmentation.


This pleasant 52-year-old woman is shown 7 days after an LV facelift when she came in for stitch removal. (That explains the messy hair). Note the minimal bruising.


This elegant lady in her 60’s had eyelid surgery (not shown) as well as an LV facelift and structural fat grafting to the hollow parts of her face.


As we age, we sustain a different distribution of fat. While fat grafting has been used to replenish areas of hollowness, on the other hand, fat has been sculpted on the lower lids. An LV facelift has been performed.


This pleasant lady has had an LV facelift with eyelid surgery (not shown). The drooping chin has been corrected as well as five layers of tissues in the neck.


This attractive woman in her 40’s has had an LV facelift with a suspension technique. This improves the angle of the neck and shows the jaw line more.


This attractive woman had a MACS lift as well as a small chin implant. The MACS is a smaller version of a standard lift and can be performed under intravenous or oral medications.


This very pleasant 48-year-old Japanese woman shows contour irregularities which were improved by structural fat grafting as well as an LV facelift.


This patient in her forties had fat grafting in addition to blepharoplasties and an LV facelift.


This attractive woman had an LV facelift as well as blepharoplasty.


This younger woman had a necklift (cervicoplasty) with muscle tightening, fat sculpting and suspension sutures.


This middle-aged woman from Korea wished to have a more elegant profile. Rejuvenative surgery as well as chin modification was carried out.


This middle-aged woman had a facelift as well as eyelid surgery.


This middle-aged woman from Tokyo lacked definition to her jaw line as well as a weak chin. Rejuvenation was aided by an insertion of an appropriate chin implant.


This young woman in her 20’s is rather unusual in that her only aesthetic problem was excess fat. More commonly the muscle has to be tightened, but she only required liposuction.


This pleasant older woman had a standard facelift procedure as well as upper and lower eyelid surgery.


This young woman felt her face was too fat despite not being overweight. A neck lift with removal of fat underneath the muscle as well as muscle tightening was performed.


This attractive middle-aged woman had a neck lift and small chin enlargement. This was performed with three small incisions beneath the chin and behind the ears.