Forehead Lift Vancouver

The forehead lift can be performed under either a general anaesthetic or IV sedation. Some patients who have heavy upper eyelids actually have more of a problem with ptosis or “drooping” of the forehead. Applying an upward pressure just above your
eyebrows with your fingers can demonstrate the effectiveness of a forehead lift. Sometimes the lift can be performed with a shorter incision inside the hair at the side of the forehead. Sometimes a “transcoronal” incision made behind the hairline
will render a better result. Many of the frown lines can be modified by the judicious resection of wrinkle producing muscles. Like other areas of surgery, it is essential to avoid over elevation as this can result in a surprised and unnatural

This 44 yr old woman complained of problems with tired eyes and makeup application. No eyelid surgery was performed. She had a transcoronal forehead lift performed under a general anaesthetic with partial removal of the frontalis and corrugator muscles to smooth the wrinkles but allow her normal forehead movement.

This 23 yr old male patient felt his brows gave him a menacing appearance.A transcoronal brow lift was performed with the medial (inner) brow being elevated more than the lateral (outer) brow. Male brow positioning is different from female brow positioning but in both cases it is necessary to avoid a “surprised look” from over enthusiastic elevation.

This patient requested an upper lid blepharoplasty. Had this been performed by itself, she would have had her eyebrows encroaching onto the eyelids. After discussion, it was determined that a modest brow lift should also be performed. Despite the different force vectors there is still a slight, but normal asymmetry in brow position.

This 46 yr old patient complained of a heavy look to her brow and eyes. Because she had a high forehead, an incision was placed weaving inside the hairline in order to prevent enlarging the forehead even more. The force vectors have been applied more to the outer brows, which is the area of the brow that descends with aging. An upper blepharoplasty has also been performed.

This pleasant 52 year old patient has a significant descent of the inner brow area which endowed her with an uncharacteristic angry appearance.The brow elevation has selectively corrected this problem and softened her appearance.

This 53 yr old patient complained of heaviness around her eyes, making make up application difficult.She also wished to have a more permanent correction to her forehead wrinkles.The patient had a forehead lift with modification of the forehead muscles and modest brow elevation.A concomitant upperlid blepharoplasty was performed.

This 51 yr old patient complained of her drooping eyelids, but analysis revealed the major problem was forehead ptosis (drooping).Frequently patients who have this problem subconsciously elevate their brows to mitigate the eyelid drooping, thus leading to even more forehead wrinkles.During her forehead lift the muscles were subtly modified to soften her appearance.