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Abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic. It is not a substitute for diet and exercise or as a weight loss strategy. Many women (and some men) are unable to tone up their muscles and skin despite diet and exercise.

On occasion liposuction alone can be performed, but more commonly either a modified or full abdominoplasty is required to regain the most elegant abdomen. This sometimes involves some liposuction, but also involves tightening the loose abdominal muscles, creation of a more youthful navel, and removal of the skin from the lower abdomen. A garment is worn for 3 weeks post-operatively and light exercise can be resumed at 3 weeks.

Heavy exercise stressing the abdominal muscles can be resumed 6 weeks post-operatively. Dr. Brown requests that the patients wear a bikini bottom on the morning of the surgery so the incision can be designed to fit within it.