Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called “Plastic” Surgery?

The term “plastic” is derived from the ancient Greek word “plastikos” and Latin “plasticus” and refers to shaping or modeling in three dimensions. It is the oldest of the complex surgery specialities with comprehensive nasal reconstruction having been performed in India 2500 years ago. As so eloquently voiced by Gaspere Tagliocozzi in 1598 “We restore, rebuild, and make whole those parts which nature has given but which fortune has taken away.”

What do you specialize in?

Dr Brown specializes in cosmetic surgery. This is a very common question as allied specialties participate in aesthetic surgery restricted to specific areas. The arduous training of a plastic surgeon is a preparation to apply aesthetic principles over the entire body. Like a gifted portrait artist, the well trained plastic surgeon can address both eye and abdomen, nose and breast, with an expertise which is not anatomically confined.

What does it cost?

We are happy to discuss overall costs over the phone (604) 273 6449 as a rough estimate. The final total cost will be determined at the time of the consultation.

What can I expect at the Consultation?

The cost of the consultation is $100, which is refunded on the day of your surgery. You should expect to spend about one hour for the first consultation. There is always quite a lot of information provided on the first consultation, and you may find yourself having more questions afterwards. Dr Brown is pleased to meet with you again at no cost until you feel you have a good understanding of matters.

How many visits are required?

This depends on whether you live in the Vancouver area, or abroad. An initial consultation will be required, and there will be at least one post-operative visit. Some operations of greater complexity may require more visits in order to assure a smooth recovery.

Is financing available?

Yes. Our nurse manager will be pleased to discuss this with you. She can be reached at 604 273 6449.

Am I a good candidate for surgery?

Not always. Other treatments strategies like fillers, advanced skin care products, or botox may be more appropriate. Sometimes lifestyle changes like diet and exercise may yield better results. If surgery is being considered, it is just as important to understand what will not be improved as well as what will be. Dr Brown feels it is very important to calibrate your expectations so you will have a well informed idea of your anticipated improvements.

What about complications?

Most human activities carry some risk—Including driving to our office! Most complications are minor and more significant complications are fortunately rare. Plastic Surgeons are well trained to recognize and treat these problems should they arise. During the consultation Dr Brown will inform you of these, their incidence, and their treatment.

Where is surgery performed?

The pre and post-operative care is carried out in our office. The surgery is performed in a fully accredited surgical facility which is regularly inspected and accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. Recovery for out of town patients can be provided by one of our local hotels where a corporate rate is available for Dr Brown’s patients.

Can I book surgery if I live far away?

Yes. This can be carried out via the Internet. It will still be necessary to have a preoperative consultation with Dr Brown just prior to the surgery. If you have to travel more than four time zones then we suggest you arrive several days prior to your surgery.