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Safety and naturalness are paramount to facelifting. No two facelift procedures are the same.

It is important to have a palette of different techniques available, from MACS lift to facelift to LV facelift, to allow a custom designed procedure for every patient. When I first started doing facelifts years ago at the Mayo Clinic, the procedure consisted largely of skin elevation and removal. The procedure has become immensely more sophisticated throughout the years. Now we can modify the deep structures integral to the aging process. The support structures of the face and neck become attenuated with time, and we can address this laxity with thoughtful and precise surgical modification. The only skin removed is the excess skin created by improving the deep structures. The facelift is performed hiding the incisions in the hair and natural creases around the ear. Sutures are removed at seven days and then appropriate makeup can be used until the incisions have faded. Facelifts are frequently performed with other procedures such as the blepharoplasties, forehead lifts, structural fat grafting and chemical peels.

What is the LV facelift?

The “V” represents the number five as this advanced technique involves rejuvenating five layers in the neck including skin, subcutaneous fat, platysma muscle, subplatysmal fat, digastric muscle, and, if indicated, a hyoid fascia release. It represents the culmination of cutting-edge techniques refined by Dr Brown over decades of performing facelifts. Pain is very modest with most patients using only Tylenol or Tramacet. Although many patients feel comfortable returning to work within 2 weeks, others may wish to wait 3 weeks before returning to social engagements. We suggest a “vacation” where you return looking remarkably refreshed.

Patients usually have two consultations prior to surgery. Dr Brown prefers to spend one hour with each patient. There is a lot of information to absorb, so a second consultation helps “filling the gaps”. Please bring a photo of yourself from earlier times.