Lip Augmentation Vancouver

This can be performed several different ways. Fillers such as Juvederm or fat can be used to provide a fuller more youthful look. It is essential to perform the injection in a way which looks balanced, rather than a “sausage look”. Dr. Brown often prefers to use Alloderm, a skin derivative without antigens, which can be shaped and inset into the lip through a small slit on each side. Sutures are removed at 4-5 days.

This 47 yr. old woman wished to have fuller more sensuous lips. This was accomplished by structural fat grafting with the fat having been harvested from her abdomen.

After discussing the various options of alloderm, injectables or structural fat grafting, the patient elected to have a natural looking augmentation using a fat grafting technique. The patient was thrilled with the natural results.

This 27 yr. old patient was bothered by tooth show (too much of the teeth showing). Using alloderm grafting, the lip was lengthened to a more elegant position.

This patient felt her thin lips made her look older than her age. After discussing the options, she decided to use alloderm. The post procedure picture is at 18 months.

This 42 yr. old gentleman complained of a thinned out upper lip. This was corrected with alloderm shaped in in a more male pattern. The photos are taken at 5 days post op. Note the corner stitches just about to be removed.