Forehead and Brow Lift

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A natural part of the aging process is a gradual descent of the forehead resulting in downward displacement of the eyebrows. This can be corrected in several different ways depending on the sex of the patient, the degree of ptosis (drooping) as well as the need for modification of the deep structures such as the muscles creating the frown wrinkles.

For some patients, particularly men, an incision can be made directly above the brow and hidden in the eyebrow hair. On some facelift patients, an extended incision can be made in the temporal (temple) hair to elevate the outer brow. The most definitive procedure is the transcoronal forehead lift, in which the incision is made behind the hairline from ear to ear. This technique exposes to frontalis muscles and corrugater muscles which cause the horizontal wrinkles across the forehead as well as the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, allowing modification and partial removal of the muscles. Excess skin is then removed. If the patient has a high forehead, then the central incision can be placed at the hairline to prevent heightening of the forehead.