Blepharoplasty Vancouver

Blepharoplasty is one of the most common operations performed today. About 95% of upper lid blepharoplasties are performed under local anaesthesia in Dr. Brown’s office, with a little oral sedation. Lower lid blepharoplasties, because of technical issues, are performed at Cambie Surgery Centre, with either intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia.

The aesthetic goals and selection of techniques are determined by this patient’s sex, ethnicity, age, and personal aesthetics.

There is very little discomfort post operatively. Sutures are removed a week later and with a little makeup most patients can return to work in 8-10 days.


This attractive 47 year old woman had skin tightening of the lower lids and removal of excess skin and muscle of the upper lids. This allows her to apply makeup with having it cake up.


This attractive middle aged women had sculpting of the lower lid fat with muscle and skin tightening. In addition, some of the excess muscle from the upper lids was introduced into the hollow area of the lower lids to smooth the area.


This 58 year-old gentleman was bothered by this redundant upper lids and the bulging fat of his lower lids. A standard upper blepharoplasty was performed along with a lower blepharoplasty in which fat was resculpted and the skin and muscle supported with a sling technique.


This engaging patient had a transcoronal forehead along with an upper lid blepharoplasty. The forehead lift is subtle and was used to mitigate the forehead wrinkles.


This pleasant gentleman was bothered by his “eye bags” as well as the heaviness of his upper lids. Aside from an upper blepharoplasty he has had a lower blepharoplasty with fat sculpting, muscle and skin modifications and a canthoplasty.


This woman in her late 20’s felt her eyes belied her age. She has had an upper blepharoplasty and a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty in which the fat was a modified by an incision inside her eyelid rather than through the skin.


This lovely 46 year old woman had problems with her eyeshadow caking up. Upper and lower blepharoplasties with modest skin tightening has been performed.


This female felt she had a constant tired look. Appropriate sculpting of the lower eyelid as well as a brow lift hidden in her eyebrows was performed.


This younger woman in her 20’s complained about the heaviness of her upper lids. An upper blepharoplasty as well as a transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty was performed.


This woman requested quite a high fold for her TV work. Fold height is determined preoperatively and depends not only on the patient’s aesthetics, but also on her anatomy.


This pleasant gentleman presented with festoons at the cheek lid junction. This was corrected by direct excision.


This young woman had both upper and lower blepharoplasties. Note that there is a subtle fullness on the nasal side of the upper lids. This extra skin is left intentionally to prevent a bow string scar over the concave area.


This young woman complained at the bagging and dark circles of her lower lids. This was corrected with a transconjunctival technique with the incisions being made from inside the eyelid. The incisions are left open to prevent bruising.


This gentleman noted amongst other things, a real heaviness to his upper lids. Part of the problem was the ptosis of his eyebrows, so he also had a brow lift with the scars hidden above the eyebrow hair as well as an upper and lower blepharoplasties.


This patient has had peri orbital rejuvenation with lower lid skin and muscle tightening. The lower lid incision is just below the eyelashes and extends about 1cm beyond the corner of the eye. This outer part of the incision can be covered with makeup until the scar fades.


This pleasant woman had significant brow ptosis. An upper blepharoplasty alone would have resulted in eyebrow hair on her upper lid. In addition to an upper blepharoplasty she has had a transcoronal forehead lift with the incision entirely in her hair.


This young woman in her twenties had upper and lower blepharoplasties. The post operative pictures were taken without makeup several weeks after surgery. Note the visible redness on the lateral incisions requiring make up for several more weeks.


This distinguished elderly gentleman has had a brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty. As is typical of this age there are retained wrinkles over the lower lids post operatively. Experience dictates a conservative skin resection of the lower lids to avoid ectropion or a “hound dog” look.


This very attractive middle age woman had an upper blepharoplasty with skin, muscle, and fat removal. Incisions can be hidden with makeup after 8 days.


This middle aged woman had upper and lower blepharoplasties to “lighten things up”. Although she is only wearing eyeliner, the repositioning of the eyelid fold allows her to use eye shadow should she wish.


This delightful elderly lady had sufficient dermatochalasis that it occluded some of her vision. The upper blepharoplasty helped restore her visual fields as well and in conjunction with her lower blepharoplasty, she had a much brighter appearance.


This charming 60 year old gentleman had an upper blepharoplasty. He had a naturally high fold which was recreated. The “crows feet” could be modified by Botox, but when smiling he shows a happy pattern of wrinkle formation which looks much more natural.


This young woman had crowding of her eyelids as well as ptosis of the left eyelid which partly covered her pupil. Surgery has afforded her with better symmetry.


This middle aged woman had trouble with eyelid makeup with eyeshadow caking up beneath the skin fold. Post operative views reveal a larger area to which makeup could be applied.


This patient was bothered only by her lower eyelids. As a general rule, as compared to upper blepharoplasties which are almost always performed with local anaesthesia, lower blepharoplasties require intravenous sedation, or, if the patient requests, general anaesthesia.


This handsome gentleman had an upper and lower blepharoplasty. There was no excessive fat in the lower eyelid, so skin and muscle modification was all that was required.


This very attractive woman requested a wider appearance to her upper lids. Sutures were removed on day 7, and she was able to cover the incisions with makeup on day 8.