Blepharoplasty Vancouver

Blepharoplasty, either upper, lower or both, is performed under IV sedation. Drooping and fullness to the upper eyelid is common to both men and women, and “bagging” of the lower lid endows the face with a tired look. Woman often have trouble with makeup application with eyeliner and eyeshadow getting caked up in the redundant skin.

Surgery is performed a little differently on the male eyelid and often a small amount of extra skin is left to leave a more natural look. Although fat is often preserved or only lightly modified on the upper lid, the excess fat of the lower lid is either sculpted or transferred to the hollow area beneath. Pain is minimal. Sutures are removed about 5 days after the surgery and with a little makeup the patient can resume work in 7-10 days.

This 48 yr. old patient came to see Dr. Brown requesting eyelid surgery.He wanted something done that would improve the appearance to his eyes and produce a lasting improvement.Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty was performed.The after photos were taken at 2 months.The incisions have healed well and the patient is very pleased with his natural results.

This 52 yr. old patient came to see Dr. Brown concerned about the aging around his eyes.He was bothered by the heaviness and hooding of the upper lids as well as the tired look of the lower lids.Dr. Brown performed upper and lower lid surgery to improve the appearance to his eyes creating a natural more refreshed look.

This 39 yr. old patient came to see Dr. Brown with respect to facial rejuvenation surgery.After a comprehensive consultation, it was determined the patient would benefit from a combination of different procedures.Forehead lift and lower lid blepharoplasty was performed creating a more refreshed, overall improvement to the upper part of her face.

This 63 yr. old patient wished to have a more youthful appearance to his lids.Blepharoplasty surgery was performed under light sedation and the sutures removed after 5 days.The patient was able to resume light recreational activities 10 days after surgery and full exercise regimes after 3 weeks.

This 63 yr. old patient did not like the heaviness he felt to his upper eyelids as well as the festoons of his lower lids.Dr. Brown performed a browlift with upper and lower blepharoplasty.Sutures were removed at 5 days.The patient was able to return to regular activities at 7-10 days.

This 70 yr. old patient complained about the puffiness to her upper eyelids.She had tried many nonsurgical techniques in the past and found nothing helped with the puffiness.Bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty was performed to help create a more refreshed and natural appearance to her face.The after photos were taken 6 weeks post operatively.

This 42 yr. old patient requested an upper blepharoplasty as this was “out of synch” with the rest of her face which was very youthful.Much of aesthetic surgery from nasal surgery to chin surgery is aimed at getting a good aesthetic balance which is natural in appearance.

This elderly patient had a great deal of puffiness around her eyes.An upper blepharoplasty restoring her folds to the original level as well as a lower blepharoplasty to revise the fat and tighten the skin was performed.The patient also had a lid tightening procedure carried out to support the position of the lid.

This 47 yr. old patient saw Dr. Brown to discuss upper and lower lid blepharoplasty surgery.He was bothered by the puffy look around his eyes as well as the heaviness he felt.This is quite a common problem and although it can sometimes be helped by fillers, surgery provides a long term and superior improvement.

This 58 yr. old gentleman was bothered by his redundant upper lids as well as a remarkable degree of bulging of the lower lids. A standard upper blepharoplasty was performed.The lower lids had the fat sculpted and then the skin and muscle tightened using a sling technique to support the lower eyelid.His coworkers congratulated him on how refreshed he looked after his vacation.

This 51 yr. old patient felt his lower eyelids made him look tired.He wanted something to be done about the puffiness and dark circles.He had fat sculpted from a transcutaneous incision made inside the eye and then the skin tightened with silk touch laser.The post-operative photos were taken roughly 4 months after his surgery.

This patient wishes to have the upper and lower lids rejuvenated.The lower lid was improved by fat sculpting, tightening the muscle and skin layers, and then threading some of the excess upper lid muscle into the hollow part of the lower lids.The larger surface over the upper lid facilitates makeup application, something which is hard to do when the upper lids are redundant.

This 49 yr. old patient was concerned with looking tired all the time and felt frustrated with not being able to do anything with the bags under his eyes.A lower lid blepharoplasty was performed in which the fat bulges were transferred to the hollow areas beneath.No skin was removed.The patient was pleased with the subtle refreshed look.

This 74 yr. old patient had significant droop to his upper eyelids which he felt made him look tired and older than he felt.After a consultation with Dr. Brown, it was determined he was a suitable candidate for upper and lower blepharoplasty in which excess skin muscle were tightened and the fat resculpted.In general it is wise to not be too aggressive with the lower eyelids in order to maintain a natural appearing improvement.

This 42 yr. old patient was frustrated with looking tired all the time and wanted to look more refreshed.Preoperative evaluation revealed asymmetry of the upper lids.It is very common to have a difference in the level of droop between eyelids.This was corrected and the lower lids were improved by a transconjunctival approach made from the inside of the eyelid.

This 73 yr. old patient has a good deal of fullness to the lower eyelids which she did not like.Bilateral lower lid blepharoplasty was performed to help remove the puffiness and create a smooth less tired look.The lower lid was also tightened to prevent an ectropion or “hound dog” appearance.

This 56 yr. old gentleman was bothered by the droopiness of his upper eyelids.Under a light sedation, he had the redundant skin and muscle resected as well as sculpting of the upper lid fat.The sutures were removed 4 days after surgery and he was able to resume light physical activities after 8 days.

This 46 yr. old patient did not like how her upper eyelids looked heavy and made her look tired.After a consultation with Dr. Brown, it was discussed that she would benefit from bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty.The results allow her a larger area on which to apply eyeliner and eye shadow if she wishes.

This 43 yr. old patient requested a subtle refreshing of his upper lids.No fat was touched and the patient required only skin and muscle removal.Although prescription pain medication is provided, many patients find they can manage nicely with extra strength Tylenol.