Liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. There are however, some areas that are resistant to even the most dedicated dieter. On men this is largely around the flank region (love handles). In women it is largely
around the thighs, knees, hips, and flank areas.

Liposuction is usually carried out under general anaesthesia. Markings are made pre-operatively and then the patient’s body is sterilized and a general anaesthetic is given. A tumescent technique is used with the fat being evacuated through small
10-12 mm slits. It is very important not only to “feather” off the area around the liposuction, but to be conservative in the amount removed, as over resection is very difficult to treat. A garment is worn for 3 weeks post-operatively. Light
exercise can be resumed in 1 week, and full exercise after 3 weeks.

This 32 yr. old competitive body builder was unable to perfect her thigh profile despite having a body fat measurement of only 12.As well as having a modified abdominoplasty, the patient had judicious liposuction to her thighs.Although the changes were subtle, the patient felt much more confident in her competition.The post-operative photos were taken several weeks after her surgery.

This 34 yr. old female complained of heaviness of her thighs. Under general anaesthetic she had liposuction of her hips, thighs, and knee pads. She wore a compression garment for 3 weeks post operative in order to speed up the resolution of the swelling.

This 19 yr. old female patient was frustrated with the fatty deposits over her thighs and flanks.She has lost weight over a period of a year through exercise and is unable to loose anymore weight particularly in her medial thighs and flanks.Dr. Brown performed liposuction of flanks, thighs and knees and removed a total of 1725cc of tumescent fluid and fat.The patient wore a compression garment for 3 weeks and returned back to work at 7 days.

This 37 yr. old woman was frustrated over the inability to lose the extra bit of fat to her thighs.Dr. Brown performed liposuction to her thighs, hips and flanks.A compression garment was worn for 3 weeks to help with the swelling and bruising expected after surgery.

This 19 yr. old woman had liposuction carried out beneath the buttocks as well as her thighs.The slits which are made are initially red as they heal, but generally become very subtle.Scar revision is necessary in less than 1 % of patients.

This 46 yr. old female patient was inquiring about liposuction to her legs.She exercises regularly and eats a well-balanced diet but was unable to shed the excess fat.Dr. Brown performed liposuction to her flanks, thighs and knees and was able to achieve the results which diet and exercise could not correct.

This 29 yr. old female patient is of average height and weight (BMI 19).She maintains an active lifestyle of yoga and pilates and eats a balanced diet.She was concerned about the extra fat she was unable to shed through regular exercise.Dr. Brown performed liposuction to her lower abdomen, flanks, medial thighs and knees.The small healing incision can be seen over her right hip.

This 35 yr. old woman had an unfortunate “rider pants” deformity which did not respond to diet and exercise (her BMI was only 25).Recontouring was carried out in 2 sessions.If the surgery is too aggressive this can lead to looseness and folds in the skin.The patient was very pleased with her results.

This 23 yr. old patient had been assiduous in her diet and exercise but still could not lose weight off her legs. She had tumescent liposuction carried out on the flanks, thighs and knees. Although marked improvements is noted immediately after the surgery, a continuous improvement is noted for up to 3 months after the procedure.

This 35 yr. old man was unable to lose the fat over his abdomen and flanks. In general, it is much better to lose weight by diet and exercise, but on occasion liposuction may be indicated. Recovery is very rapid and most patients can return to work in 1 week. Dr. Brown does not perform this procedure very often as the majority of patients can lose the weight by diet and exercise. This patient is shown 1 week after liposuction to the abdomen and flanks carried out by incisions in the pubic area, inside the umbilicus, and on the sides.